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Author: Clare

It’s a Child’s World: Basking Sharks?

We are visting the gorgeous island of Anglesey just off the coast of North Wales. It is very pretty island with beautiful beaches and un-spoilt villages. We decided to go and visit Beaumaris as they have boat trips to Puffin Island. Puffin Island is an un-inhabitable island a few miles from Beaumaris. Here is a link to the Puffin Island website Just before we set off on our boat trip the guide gave the children a handy leaflet showing the birds, animals and sea creatures they might be able to see on the journey to Puffin Island. We started our journey...

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Today Matilda & Me Get Fit!

Right-It’s Time to Get Fit & Healthy! At the weekend I decided that I’d had a enough Easter eggs to last a lifetime and I was starting to look like the Easter Bunny! So the decision was made- Monday (Today) I was going to start my healthy eating and fitness plan for 2017 with the help of Matilda and Joe ‘The Body Coach’ Wicks!   So I got up early, did some stretches, drank 500 ml of water and made myself a Body Coach Chunky Monkey Smoothie- Yummy Yummy! You’ll find this recipe in Lean in 15 The Shape Plan by Joe...

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I love dog walking in the rain

I’ve decided I LOVE Dog Walking in the Rain Wet Wednesday in March 2017 Ok so we go from glorious summer like weather for Mother’s Day weekend to OMG let’s put the heating on again because I’m freezing my backside off! Matilda doesn’t know whether to get rid of her winter coat or leave it on- one day malting and the next not. Today is Wednesday and it is raining! Not the Peter Kaye.. ‘ It’s spitting’ type of raining, it’s the horizontal rain that gets you really wet, no matter what you wear. We are at the front...

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My Bacon Butty, Matilda and Mother’s Day

My Bacon Butty, Matilda & Mother’s Day How wonderful to wake up on Mother’s Day with beautiful sunbeams creeping through the curtains- the clocks went forward today.. But I don’t care as I’m eager to jump out of bed and start enjoying the day… BUT “hold on Mummy- you have to stay in bed so we can make you breakfast!! “ OMG am I still dreaming- breakfast in bed…hold on can this be.. The moment I’ve been waiting for, for many years. I’m allowed to stay in bed and someone cooks me breakfast- YIPPEE 😀   I snuggle back...

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Matilda And Me Mugs

These are wonderfully designed bright Matilda & Me mugs will cheer up your morning cup of coffee! You can purchase them direct from our Matilda & Me Zazzle shop. Matilda and Me Mug by...

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