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How to host the Best Superhero Party

How to host the Best Superhero Party

To host “The Best Super Heroes Party” can be Out of this World, but if the budget won’t stretch to Mars we can show you some great ideas what don’t have to cost the earth or require you to have Super Hero Powers! All you’ll need a few simple party supplies, our fabulous Free Super Hero Party Printables .



Superhero Party Invitations
Free Superhero Party Invitations Printables

Our free downloadable Superhero party invitation are just the thing to let your friends and family know about your Superhero Birthday Party.

Just download and write

  • Name and Age
  • Date
  • Time
  • Venue
  • RSVP details- usually mobile number and/email address




Free Superhero Party Invitations Printables

How to Decorate your Superhero Party Venue

Whether you are hosting the party at home or at a venue, you need to make sure that your guests are in the Superhero mood before they enter the room.


Buy some Superhero balloons or choose Red, white, yellow and blue to match the theme with coloured ribbons. Print off some of the tags and attach to the balloons. (You could give these to guest when they are leaving too!) Don’t forget the helium if you want them to float!


Make some superhero signs- buy some poster boards in bright colours, print and use the superhero plate covers, use Black markers to write in a Superhero  style “Happy Birthday” and your childs name to make Superhero Happy Birthday signs.

Alternatively you could buy some extra large Superhero posters from Amazon

Table cloths/covers

Buy some wipe clean table covers in red, blue and yellow (these can be reused for other parties and events) Here is a link to the ones we used- Yellow Table Cloth



Superhero Party Costumes

What to wear for your Superhero Party?

The easy option is to buy a Superhero costume from Tesco, Asda or Amazon- they all stock a range of the latest superhero costumes.

It might be more fun (an perhaps cheaper) to make your own from things you have already or from a charity shop.

Supergirl & Superman Costume

The Supergirl Costume shown in the large image was made from things we had already

  • Superman jacket with cape- this was slightly too small- so we pushed up the sleeves. You could get the same effective with a blue cardigan and attach some red material to the back with velcro.
  • a ladies red t-shirt
  • made a superman S with some felt- yellow and red felt- found an image on google and printed it, then copied it onto the felt- cut it out and then stuck it with glue. Attached to T-shirt with velcro or hand sew
  • Blue pajama shorts
  • Red leggings
  • Baseball boots
Superhero Costumes- Supergirl and Spiderman

Superhero Costumes- Supergirl and Spiderman

Spiderman Costume

  • Spiderman Onesie
  • Face paint
  • Baseball boots
  • Gel for hair

Catgirl Costume

  • Black leotard and black tights or leggings
  • Old black tights and stuffing to make cat tail. Safety pin or velcro to attach to the leotard
  • Black pumps or ballet shoes
  • Black mask- use one of the superhero masks as a template but use black card/paper
  • Black makeup for nose and whiskers
Fabulous Free Superhero Cupcake Topper Printables

We have created some Free Superhero Cupcake Toppers. Just download the Superhero Cake Toppers Printables and print them onto paper or card and attach to a cocktail stick or straw.

We got some tasty Superhero Cup cake recipes in our Party Food section.

Fabulous Free Superhero Masks

Just download the Superhero Masks Free Printables and print them onto card, cut out eye holes and hole punch two holes on the side, grab some string and you are up, up and away!

Free Superhero Masks Printables

Free Superhero Gift Tag Printables.

Just download the Superhero Gift Tag Printables and print them onto card and hole punch. You are ready to attach to party bags and gifts.



Free Superhero Bunting Printables.

Just download the Superhero Bunting Free Printables and print them onto card and hole punch. You are ready to attach to party bags and gifts.



Free Superhero Treat Cones Printables.

Just download the Superhero Treat Cones Free Printables and print them onto card and attach the ends with cellotape. You just need some Superhero treats- like popcorn or sweets!



Free Superhero Name Tags

Just download the Superhero Namecards and print them onto card and fold. Pop your guests name on one side and place them on the table.



Free Superhero Plate Insert

Just download the Plate inserts:

Superhero Plate Insert ( Yellow)

Superhero Plate Insert (Blue)

Superhero Plate Inserts (Red)

Print them onto paper and glue onto a red, blue or white paper or plastic plate.



Superhero Plate insert


Our bespoke party supplies will make all your Super Heroes guests go “WOW!” We have created some fabulous T-shirts your guests may like to wear as a reminder of your fabulous party.


Superhero Party Thank you cards
Free Superhero Party Thank you Cards Printables

Our free downloadable Superhero party thank you cards are just the thing to say thank you to your friends and family.

Just download and write your thank you message



Free Superhero Party Thank you Cards Printables

We hope you find our Superhero Party printables useful and we would love to see some of your party photographs. If you send a tweet and hashtag @MatildaAndMeToo #POW

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