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I love dog walking in the rain

I love dog walking in the rain

I’ve decided I LOVE Dog Walking in the Rain

Wet Wednesday in March 2017

Ok so we go from glorious summer like weather for Mother’s Day weekend to OMG let’s put the heating on again because I’m freezing my backside off!

Matilda doesn’t know whether to get rid of her winter coat or leave it on- one day malting and the next not.

Today is Wednesday and it is raining! Not the Peter Kaye.. ‘ It’s spitting’ type of raining, it’s the horizontal rain that gets you really wet, no matter what you wear.

We are at the front door and Matilda gives me that look, like…’ Really.. You want to go out in this?.’ I say.. Let’s go it will be fun! (Obviously I’m thinking I’d rather be inside drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows- but NO.. I’m on the ‘GET FIT FOR LIFE’  campaign with my favourite online coach Joe Wicks.)

We (Matilda and Me) go for a power walk- HITT training in the rain ! 30 seconds power walk and then 30 seconds slow walking- I must look like a crazy lady. Matilda keeps looking at me as if to say.. ‘ What on earth are you doing?’ for one minute I’m telling her to hurry up and then the next I’m saying ‘ Slow Matilda!’

So up and down the hill we go- Sweating inside my coat but can’t take it off as it is pouring down! Right.. Time for Matilda to have some fun..

We decide to go along the track – it looks a little muddy- but Hey it’ll be fine! BIG MISTAKE..l had forgotten the downpour we had last night- so we have a muddy stream coming down the hill- Matilda has ran up the track- straight through the muddy puddles- Actually I’m sure she just jumped  off the style into the puddle make a big splash! Now the White/Blonde Golden Retriever looks like a brown labrador!  I clamber of the style too- OMG is slippery and I near fall into the muddy puddle too!

Matilda has now turned into a crazy mad dog.. Running up and down the stream- Smiling as she goes (Did I tell you that Matilda smiles, especially when she is having fun!)

I heard on the radio the other day that spending time outside gardening or walking your dog is good for your mental wellbeing.. I agree. When I’m out with Matilda I forget about the troubles and worries in the World- It’s just Matilda & Me…and we both Love walking in the rain!

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