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My Bacon Butty, Matilda and Mother’s Day

My Bacon Butty, Matilda and Mother’s Day

My Bacon Butty, Matilda & Mother’s Day

How wonderful to wake up on Mother’s Day with beautiful sunbeams creeping through the curtains- the clocks went forward today.. But I don’t care as I’m eager to jump out of bed and start enjoying the day…

BUT “hold on Mummy- you have to stay in bed so we can make you breakfast!! “ OMG am I still dreaming- breakfast in bed…hold on can this be.. The moment I’ve been waiting for, for many years. I’m allowed to stay in bed and someone cooks me breakfast- YIPPEE 😀


I snuggle back in the duvet and grab my Kindle- I’m excited- no idea what to do with myself.. I decide on a novel..I read a few pages of The Postcard by Fern Britton. I’m just immersing myself in the joyfully witty story when… “Mummy.. Close your eyes…” My breakfast has arrived.. A bacon butty with mushrooms and brown sauce (OK.. So My Joe Wicks“Get Fit for Life” campaign has been put on hold (temporarily).. It looks fabulous.. YUM YUM, It is delicious…peace and quiet and a bacon butty..Sheer Bliss…15, 16, 17, 18, 19 seconds…. I hear a run and see a jump.. “Mummy can I snuggle…Hmm that smells nice…Daddy hasn’t made me one” (Guilt Trip!) Ok I decide to give in and let the little darling have a small bite. I offer my butty.. SWIPE- it’s out of hands.. OH NO.. a see my peace, quiet and bacon butty disappearing…..ARGHHHH!

Please could I have my butty back.. My butty  is given back..a rather larger bite taken than would have liked.. The little darling jumps out of bed, peace resumes.. Arhhhhhh…. Matilda dives onto the bed! Oh no she wants some too.. NO WAY!..I shoo her off the bed and I hurriedly finish of my butty just in case they return!


PS Sorry Matilda, but it is Mother’s Day!

Out for a walk…

We decided as it is such as lovely day we shall go for an adventure walk..Walking kit on and we are off..We are very lucky to live in a beautiful valley in God’s Country (AKA Yorkshire) where we can walk 100 yards and we are in the countryside.
Today we decide our adventure will take us to the reservoir and cross the fields to see whether any of the lambs have been born, and to count the daffodils!


#lovedogwalking #matilda&me #goldenretriever

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Proud to say I'm a blogger and female digital technology expert who loves baking, cooking, being creative and most importantly spending time with my family and Matilda, my Golden Retrevier. and sharing the stories with you.

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