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It’s a Child’s World: Basking Sharks?

It’s a Child’s World: Basking Sharks?

We are visting the gorgeous island of Anglesey just off the coast of North Wales. It is very pretty island with beautiful beaches and un-spoilt villages. We decided to go and visit Beaumaris as they have boat trips to Puffin Island.

Puffin Island is an un-inhabitable island a few miles from Beaumaris. Here is a link to the Puffin Island website

Just before we set off on our boat trip the guide gave the children a handy leaflet showing the birds, animals and sea creatures they might be able to see on the journey to Puffin Island.

We started our journey and the guide starting pointing out various sights along the coastline such as castles, lighthouses etc As we got further out to see and nearer Puffin Island he asked the children to get out the leaflet and he explained about when the Puffins are seen on the island, what other birds migrate to the area, we might be able to see sealions, dolphins (if we were lucky)..

At this point my 4 year (who had been looking at the leaflet intently- He is a rather shy child who doesn’t talk to strangers, ever) raised his arm in the air and loudly said…” Excuse Mr Boatman… Will we see any basking sharks?”

Now the guide didn’t know quite what to say! Quite shocked that this little boy was asking such a question! ” I’m afraid not, young man.. you need to go to the Isle of Man to see Basking Sharks! ..

“Hmm, Ok.. thank you..” he said ” Mummy, does this boat go to the Isle of Man?” I’m afraid not we’ll have to go another day” I said, Quite shock that he has asked such a funny question!

If I’d been standing up I definitely would have fallen over board. So funny!

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