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Author: Clare

It’s a Child’s World: Age and Height Conundrum!

My 6 year old son runs into his drama class and exclaims “I have some really important news for you!”; the drama teacher (Miss Vanessa) is slightly taken aback as he isn’t normally not so dramatic on entering the class! “Excellent” she says.. “Let’s hear your important news!..” “You are never going to believe this!” he says..” OK. I have just found out that Mummy is older than Daddy (he seems quite shocked by this!) but Daddy is taller than Mummy!! (His face is of absolute bewilderment) I just can’t believe it!” he exclaims. Miss Vanessa is trying not...

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Superhero Free Party Printables

Superhero Free Party Printables Our range of Superhero Free Party Printables are perfect for your Superhero Party. We have Superhero Free Party Invitations, Superhero Free Party Cupcake Toppers, Superhero Free Party Masks, Superhero Free Party Bunting and more Superhero Free Party Printables which are free to download. Free Superhero Party Invitations Printables Our free downloadable Superhero party invitation are just the thing to let your friends and family know about your Superhero Birthday Party. Just download and write Name and Age Date Time Venue RSVP details- usually mobile number and/email address Free Superhero Party Invitations Printables Free Fox Birthday Gift...

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Joe Wick’s Chunky Monkey Shake Recipe

Joe Wick’s Chunky Monkey Shake Recipe Start the day with this Chunky Monkey Shake from Joe’s Wicks Lean in 15 Recipe book: Lean in 15 – The Sustain Plan This is my favourite healthy yummy breakfast- if you don’t like the sound of peanut butter and banana- just try it! I promise you will love it! Actually it has become our family favourite too! (We just leave out the protein powder for children) The recipe is shown below. Enjoy!   Joe Wick’s Chunky Monkey Shake Recipe Equipment Blender or Smoothie Maker Measuring Spoons- Tablespoons (Tbsp) and teaspoons (tsp) Measuring Jug Ingredients...

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Honey & Spelt Bread

Honey & Spelt Bread This Honey & Spelt Bread is one of my favourite bread recipes. The mixture of honey and spelt is wonderful. I like to have this with butter or toasted with a little honey. Very yummy! Spelt flour is very good for those people who are gluten intolerant. I have used strong white bread flour in this recipe but you can substitute this will gluten free alternatives. I would use a mixer with a dough hook rather than to kneed by hand as it is much easier.   Ingredients 400g strong white bread flour (or Gluten...

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Real Bread Recipe for Real Bread Week

Several years ago I was lucky enough to attend a community bread making course. I woke early Sunday morning and headed out whilst everyone was sleeping. I must be mad to wake up at 6am on a Sunday, but I really wanted to learn how to make bread properly. I’d bought a bread maker years ago but the bread always seemed to be heavy and grey. I was determined to find out how to make bread without the use of a bread maker. I got to the venue and several other bleery eyed people were waiting for the doors...

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