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It’s a Child’s World: Age and Height Conundrum!

It’s a Child’s World: Age and Height Conundrum!

My 6 year old son runs into his drama class and exclaims “I have some really important news for you!”; the drama teacher (Miss Vanessa) is slightly taken aback as he isn’t normally not so dramatic on entering the class! “Excellent” she says.. “Let’s hear your important news!..”
“You are never going to believe this!” he says..” OK. I have just found out that Mummy is older than Daddy (he seems quite shocked by this!) but Daddy is taller than Mummy!! (His face is of absolute bewilderment) I just can’t believe it!” he exclaims.
Miss Vanessa is trying not to fall over laughting but the other children (all aged 5 & 6 years old) look extremley puzzled by the conundrum too!

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Proud to say I'm a blogger and female digital technology expert who loves baking, cooking, being creative and most importantly spending time with my family and Matilda, my Golden Retrevier. and sharing the stories with you.

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